Days of Bereavement

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In memory of my grandmother, Lola Ester, an 85 year old woman who was very strong 
since she still has the strength to move around despite her old age. 
No illness can stop her from being free. She stopped eating good food when she started acquiring diabetes
but still, never gave up her freedom to move around.

 On February 3, 2012, she succumbed to Heart Attack at 1:00am and was rushed to the hospital
but it was her time to be with God already.

This was photo was taken at 4:30am

My 3-day experience at Cosmo made me realize how important life
is for everyone of us. And there are points in our life when we don't have the strength 
to live in this world because of hardships and trials. Just remember that God is always there watching
and guiding us in our life's journey. All I can say is enjoy the company of God, Lola.