Twenty Five Years of Love

12:20 AM Anonymous 8 Comments

No more waiting.. 
Here's the set guys. I hope it didn't took too
 long for me to post it guys. 

Just my parents having their 25th Wedding Anniversary Photo Shoot

I hoped you liked it!


  1. Congrats to both your parents for their 25th anniversary. A rarity in life these days, so well done.

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  4. you have a lovely parents and cool blog! cheers!

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    Nice photos and blog.
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  6. Hi, my first time here and I enjoyed viewing all photos..:) Great pictures!! Happy Anniversary po sa parents nyo..:) This is such a great blog!Keep sharing more..:) I like your blog..:)

  7. Hello.
    These photos are really nice...a wonderful gift & keepsake for your parent's 25th Wedding Anniversary. You have a lot of great photos on your blog. Thanks for sharing. I'm following you. Hope you will do the same for me too.

    Thoughts Of Beauty In The Stillness Of Dawn...