Malaysia Truly Asia

Just been to Malaysia during the last week of May. Malaysia is indeed one of a kind.
 The airport is an hour travel from Kuala Lumpur .  We arrived at exactly 11pm.
 And guess what , we had our dinner at one of the most famous fast food chains back in my country, Mcdonalds.
 Aside because it's the nearest, it has a lot of choices
 that isn't available in the Philippines, 

Malaysia is truly Asia, it's a very progressive country.

KP ni Petra Press Release

Entertainment has gone beyond television nowadays.TV5's newest singing
 reality search, KANTA PILIPINAS introduces the most popular face online with Petra Mahalimuyak.
 Megan Ashley Rivera aka Petra Mahalimuyak is the 20-year old YouTube sensation.
 She will be hosting Kanta Pilipinas ONLINE! 

They already have been to Cagayan De Oro, Cebu, Davao, Baguio. Iloilo, Batangas
 and SM North, searching for people to audition
 in this new singing reality show. 

If you think you can sing and have the confidence, then try and audition to be
 the next PINOY IDOL! You can audition online by just sending
 your audition video.
 What are you waiting for? Record now!

For more details, check out Kanta Pilipinas website.

Annipie: A Place for Cinnamon

Craving for delicious food?  Want to dine and won't worry of the price?
 Then I invite you to try and taste some delicious foods at Annipie.
 They serve meals, desserts and cinnamon. One day, my mom told me we were going to eat there. At first, I thought it was a coffee shop (face-palm) because of the architectural design outside but when I came in, eveything I imagined obliterated. No kidding! What's with me and coffee shops anyway? I ate here many 
times already but I never get tired of the food, so affordable.

I highly recommend the Choco Hazelnut Sansrival. When I tasted it, I was like "asdfjkl" 
and my tongue was craving for more. If you want never ending food craving,
 then try it now! You won't get dissapointed! I promise you. 

Annipie is located at Ecoland, Davao City, Philippines.

I hope you find this informative. 

Bioessence First Anniversary with Iya Villania

Do you know that Bioessence started in Davao? You should be because this is Davao's pride 
and now a fast growing business booming in Manila plus 51 branches nationwide. One of the reasons
 why you should choose Bioessence is because if you are comfortable with the services that they offered. You will not have a hard time to avail on those services because Bioessence is scattered nationwide. 

Last Saturday , Bioessence celebrated their 1st Anniversary and brought
 Ms. Iya Villania to Davao for a short press con at their main branch in Marfori.
 Afterwards, they have a small show at Abreeza where Ms. Iya Villania sang and dance.
  They also launched their new service, PH Formula.

We, dabawenyos, should be proud of Bioessence because it originated at our
 homeland. Thank you Bioessence for allowing us to be part of your First Anniversary
 and for bringing Ms. Iya Villania to Davao City.

Firmoo Glasses

Look what just finally arrived from the mail today. Yes, it's the new
 sunglasses I got  from Firmoo. An online shop with tons of great glasses for you to choose from.

Guess what, they are having a big giveaway not just for me but also for you and all the people around the globe!
Avail any pair of your choice for free. Isn't this sound interesting?
. Still not getting it? Why not check the site instead? Visit Firmoo and grab your pair now!

Thank you Firmoo for these awesome glasses :)

Memories of a Couple

A night of singing and dancing, at the Top of the Apo, Apo View Hotel. 
Reception is a party for those who have attended and joining the celebration
of the marriage of a couple.  It is held usually for hospitality.

The place is appealing and well-decorated for a party. It also has a nice
view of the city and even at night, when all the city lights starts to glow. They also
served delicious food like Chicken Cordon Bleu and some which I don't know
because I was focusing on the Cordon Bleu. They also served Sushi and California Maki.
For dessert, they have Mango Float, Chocolate Mousse Cake, and Leche Flan.

I really enjoyed the reception because of the food. I was even shocked when it was 
time for dinner that all my favorite food were there, Cordon Bleu, California Maki and
the desserts. 

I am sure that my parents had a wonderful time with games, singing, and dancing
on their wedding anniversary :)

I hope you enjoyed guys

The Day is Here

Love, love, love. What is Love? Love is the most commonly used word
around the globe. It's just a word but has thousands of meanings. Loving someone
is easy but staying with them for years is hard.

This is the Silver Wedding Anniversary of my Parents last May 2, 2012 
and it's one of the most memorable events of their lives. The marriage
 renewal was celebrated at Redemptorist Church. 

I hoped you enjoyed it.