Love.Camera.Action Photo Contest

2:25 AM Anonymous 4 Comments

 I joined Love.Camera.Action Photo Contest 2 months ago.
My entry was entitled, "A Thirst of Happiness".
The picture was taken at a Muslim Barangay in Tibungco, Davao City.
I wanted to show the people that
even if these children is faced with poverty,
you won't see them in the midst of hopelessness.

If I could just do it like this. Tsss. Rules are rules. Avoid editing :|

So I just ended up doing this instead.

By the way,
this was my first ever Photo Contest that I participated.
 I hope you enjoy this :)


  1. This blog is helpful for was really useful.

  2. Amazingggg!!! Photo. Nice Blog...

    Thanks for sharing about above photo. I like Photography. I am always looking out for photo contest

  3. I love this photo. Kids are the window into our world aren't they? We see through their eyes our possibilities and a reminder of what we as adults sometimes forget. Well done!

  4. Nice!
    These picture say a lot more than words can. It captures the sorrow and joys at the same time!
    Cheers! keep blogging!