Annipie: A Place for Cinnamon

7:50 AM Anonymous 2 Comments

Craving for delicious food?  Want to dine and won't worry of the price?
 Then I invite you to try and taste some delicious foods at Annipie.
 They serve meals, desserts and cinnamon. One day, my mom told me we were going to eat there. At first, I thought it was a coffee shop (face-palm) because of the architectural design outside but when I came in, eveything I imagined obliterated. No kidding! What's with me and coffee shops anyway? I ate here many 
times already but I never get tired of the food, so affordable.

I highly recommend the Choco Hazelnut Sansrival. When I tasted it, I was like "asdfjkl" 
and my tongue was craving for more. If you want never ending food craving,
 then try it now! You won't get dissapointed! I promise you. 

Annipie is located at Ecoland, Davao City, Philippines.

I hope you find this informative. 


  1. good post about anniepie place for cinnamon

  2. Wow! The photos make me have a serious craving right now - delicious!