Memories of a Couple

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A night of singing and dancing, at the Top of the Apo, Apo View Hotel. 
Reception is a party for those who have attended and joining the celebration
of the marriage of a couple.  It is held usually for hospitality.

The place is appealing and well-decorated for a party. It also has a nice
view of the city and even at night, when all the city lights starts to glow. They also
served delicious food like Chicken Cordon Bleu and some which I don't know
because I was focusing on the Cordon Bleu. They also served Sushi and California Maki.
For dessert, they have Mango Float, Chocolate Mousse Cake, and Leche Flan.

I really enjoyed the reception because of the food. I was even shocked when it was 
time for dinner that all my favorite food were there, Cordon Bleu, California Maki and
the desserts. 

I am sure that my parents had a wonderful time with games, singing, and dancing
on their wedding anniversary :)

I hope you enjoyed guys