Ryuma Coffee Shop

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Ryuma Coffee Shop is a two-storey building located at Lanang, Davao City. 
It is found at a commercial building called K7 Strip, after Grand Regal Hotel and
before the R.Castillo-J.P. Laurel traffic lights. 

The coffee shop lounge, which is at the second floor, is not your ordinary coffee 
place. The sofas, chairs, and tables are in gold, carved and brocaded. They have three
flat screen Sony Television above for entertainment. Each table has a Sony Photo Viewer at 
the side for menu check up. 

The prices of the food and drinks here are affordable. Their tea set, plates and cups have a
touch of gold. They even served hot scented towels and they have a buzzer to call for


Clubhouse Sandwich

Vanilla Ice Cream Shake

Chocolate Ice Cream Shake


Toasted Pizza

Mixed Pizza

They really have a nice atmosphere here. You are like having a coffee in luxury here.
I hope you enjoy this post.


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  1. picture is beautiful and the pizza looks delicous